Mandy Rose reveals how her real-life boyfriend feels about love angle with Otis

Mandy Rose and Otis
Mandy Rose and Otis

Mandy Rose's storyline with Otis has been one of the most well-executed angles in recent memory.

While it was threatened to be derailed by convoluted booking decisions, the WWE creative team managed to give the fans a satisfying payoff at WrestleMania 36. That moment at the Show of Shows could have been iconic with the fans in attendance, but considering the existing circumstances, we can't complain about what we got.

According to WWE news Mandy Rose is now in a full-fledged on-screen relationship with Otis and God's Greatest Creation recently spoke to Kate McCrea of TVSeriesHub and opened up about the storyline, amongst various other topics.

Rose was asked about how her real-life boyfriend feels about her on-going romantic angle with Otis. Rose revealed that her boyfriend doesn't have an issue with it as it's all done to entertain and is a kayfabe storyline at the end of the day.

My boyfriend doesn’t have an issue with it. It’s all a storyline and entertainment. If he got jealous of this, or if any guy did, it wouldn’t work out, honestly.

As far as the identity of her boyfriend goes, there is little information about the same. Mandy Rose was last known to be dating former NXT Superstar Tino Sabbatelli, and they made their relationship public at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in 2018.

However, we don't know whether they are still together.


Mandy Rose pitched storyline with Otis to Vince McMahon herself

Mandy Rose also revealed that she herself pitched the storyline idea to Vince McMahon and he loved it.

Sure. Otis always was around in NXT and posting pics of me and talking about how much he liked me. In a cute way, not a creepy way. This continued on and I thought it would be great if this became a storyline, especially once Otis entered Wrestlemania. I actually went to Vince McMahon myself and pitched the idea and he loved it.

During her interview with TVSeriesHub, Mandy Rose also spoke about her experience on Total Divas and whether she would love to have her own reality TV show.

Total Divas was a great opportunity. I was brand new to the company and had basically been thrown into the deep end. I hadn’t wrestled much yet and was going up against girls that had been with the company for years. It was a great learning experience and a way to connect with all kinds of fans that don’t even watch wrestling. That’s the great thing about Total Divas, is that it brings fans in that weren’t already watching or wouldn’t normally watch. As for my own show, I couldn’t say. I wouldn’t turn it down! (Laughs).
For the most part, we’re very close. It is real life, even though it’s a reality show, and things do carry over. For the most part, we’re all good friends and it’s a great group of people to work with.

The former Tough Enough contestant also shared her opinion on WWE continuing business despite the pandemic. Rose said that WWE is being as safe as possible and the WWE talents when all is said and done, want to do this for the fans.

We’re here for the fans. At the end of the day, that’s what WWE is all about. If we can put a smile on their faces, we’ve done our job. WWE is very careful and is being as safe as possible under the circumstances.

Mandy Rose is currently embroiled in a feud with former Fire and Desire teammate Sonya Deville. Deville has taken to her heel role quite naturally as she cut a solid promo on the most recent episode of SmackDown. Deville cut a scathing promo on Rose in which she spoke about always being in the shadows of Rose.

Rose responded with the following message on Twitter:

All the things @SonyaDevilleWWE said to me tonight, I’ve heard before but I’ve never let it define who I am. Yes I’ll admit I’m hurting right now but tomorrow I’ll wake up, wipe my tears and prove to everyone there’s a lot more to me than just a pretty face. #Smackdown

The current plan is to reportedly have a mixed tag team match between Otis & Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville & Dolph Ziggler, possibly at the Money in the Bank PPV. It's the ideal destination in the feud which has all the potential to draw decent ratings.

Deville has looked impressive in the aftermath of her split from Rose and the angle can catapult her to the next level if booked right. Mandy Rose and Otis, in the meantime, have been making the most of all the momentum generated from their new-found love for each other.

The WWE couple recently appeared on the Bump and have also used social media to push their storyline forward. Otis and Rose have the chemistry to make this angle a long-term success and it's also down to the WWE to book them well.

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