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Mark Henry injured in live event?

4.49K   //    25 Mar 2013, 13:23 IST

In a WWE live event last night at Norfolk, Virginia, Mark Henry seemingly had a knee injury. During his match against Kane in the event, Henry suffered a knee injury.

During the match, the referee pointed an ‘X’ signal to the back and showed Henry’s knee several times. The match then was ended abruptly as Mark Henry was disqualified after a chair shot. Apparently, this wasn’t the end that WWE had planned for this match and due to Henry’s injury, the match was given such a DQ end.

If these rumors are true, then it puts WWE in serious problems as the planned match between Ryback and Henry will be jeopardized.

Though WWE will be under serious problems if this injury is serious, the person who would lose the most is Ryback. Ryback received what one would call a colossal push a few months back. Though it was just a transitional push as a replacement for Cena, it was considered a huge opportunity for a wrestler who was a beginner. Ryback did enough justice to the role given to him and after this push, Ryback seemed to go nowhere until this feud came up. For long, we had seen Ryback in contention with wrestlers who were nowhere compared to his size and strength. Only now has he met someone who will be able to contest equally in all possible angles.

Henry also has a lot to suffer from his injury as this is without doubt one of the best matches of his career. Henry got a World Championship shot in 2011 and then was sidelined due to an unfortunate injury. A lot was expected from him after his return and WWE gave him just the right opportunity. According to viewers on the live event, Mark Henry seemed to move very slowly and did look hurt.

Now if in case Henry was really injured WWE will have to find a nice fitting replacement for Henry. Big Show is no doubt the best monster available at the moment. However the fact that he is involved at present in a huge storyline with the Shield will make it difficult for WWE to consider this option. The other two giants in WWE are Khali and Clay and both these wrestlers at the moment are the most ridiculous characters present. That leaves WWE with no other choice but to feed Ryback with someone who isn’t a giant.

There were rumors circulating about Jericho putting over Ryback at Wrestlemania and in the worst case this can be a great option for WWE. The fact that they haven’t yet started a serious feud between him and Fandango gives WWE the window to involve Ryback against Y2J.

Let’s just hope this isn’t a major injury that could jeopardize not only the feud but also a great opening for Ryback to become the top star in WWE. We will get to know more about this injury in this week’s RAW.

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