Matt Cardona confirms short-term AEW Contract [Exclusive]

Matt Cardona confirms limited appearance contract
Matt Cardona confirms limited appearance contract

Matt Cardona made his surprise AEW debut this past week on Dynamite. The man formerly known as Zack Ryder showed up to help out his real-life friend Cody escape a post-match beat down from The Dark Order. He'll wrestle his first match since his release from WWE this coming Wednesday when he and Cody team against John silver and Alex Reynolds on Dynamite.

It would be natural to assume that Matt Cardona is now all in with All Elite Wrestling, but Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc reported over the weekend that he's actually only signed a short team deal with the company. Sportskeeda can now confirm that report.

Matt Cardona confirms short term contract

I had the pleasure of speaking with Matt Cardona earlier today and he did reveal that his deal is only for a few appearances — for now:

"Yes so there's a couple appearances, a few appearances right now but listen... I'm not here for a little vacation. I'm here to win the TNT Title, the AEW Title, to get all those action figures! I'm here because I want to be here. You know what I'm saying? So we'll get there. Just stayed tuned. Everybody just take a chill pill and relax and enjoy the show!"

It certainly sounds like Matt Cardona is 100 percent committed to All Elite Wrestling. He had a lot more to say and you can hear the entirety of that conversation when the interview drops on the Sportskeeda YouTube channel later this week.

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