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Matt Hardy reveals why he is leaving WWE 

  • Matt is looking for a canvas to paint his masterpiece.
Karan Bedi
Modified 02 Mar 2020, 11:34 IST

Hardy provides insights into his decision (Pic Source: Matt Hardy YouTube)
Hardy provides insights into his decision (Pic Source: Matt Hardy YouTube)

As many fans know by now, Matt Hardy is currently a free agent. He has confirmed on his YouTube channel that he's no longer under contract with WWE and will be taking a break from the company.

Matt revealed that the reason why he and WWE have parted ways is that neither of them is on the same page.

The 45-year-old said that he didn't want to leave WWE because it's his home. He added:

"The reason I needed to leave WWE was because, when it comes to my creative stance, and my creative outlook on myself and my career and how I want it to go for these last 3 or 4 years that I have to spend as an active in-ring competitor. I just think myself and WWE are on different pages."

Matt says that the time he has left in the ring is important to him as he wants to cement his legacy. He added that he is now 45 years old and feels he has to be utilized in a certain way. He believes that he has so much to offer the business and wants to enter into a 'creative renaissance' but said that's where he and WWE diverge.

Matt goes on to say that a WWE return is not out of the question as he believes that there are Hall of Fame rings in his future for him and his brother, Jeff Hardy.

He added that he has to weigh his options and see what is the best place for him. Essentially, he wants to paint his 'masterpiece' and is looking for the right 'canvas' to do so. He did not give any indication as to where he will eventually go.


It should be interesting to see where Matt ends up. Wherever it is, it should be 'wonderful.'

Published 02 Mar 2020, 11:34 IST
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