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Matt Riddle mocks recent rumors about him

Modified 08 Feb 2020, 08:11 IST

Matt Riddle
Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle is a one of a kind and a truly modern WWE Superstar who uses the internet and social media to his advantage. Riddle has time and again used social media to challenge the likes of Goldberg and Brock Lesnar, which hasn't quite worked out for him.

There were rumors doing the rounds about Vince McMahon not liking how Riddle uses social media and the way he has challenged Lesnar and Goldberg.

Ahead of this week's SmackDown, where Goldberg was set to announce "who's next?", Riddle mocked those rumors and what "sources" are saying about them.

He was replying to a tweet made by WWE on FOX regarding Goldberg's return. Riddle has previously mocked and criticized Goldberg's wrestling, which did not work well for him as he was confronted by the WWE Hall of Famer backstage at SummerSlam last year.

The rumors that Riddle is alluding to was about Vince McMahon seeing Riddle as an "outside guy", which were reported by Dave Meltzer.

Regarding social media, the issues with Vince McMahon and Matt Riddle are due to his social media posts and challenges. Brock Lesnar doesn’t like him for it and Lesnar has tremendous pull with Vince. Vince also sees him as an outside guy and feels Riddle has no respect for the hierarchy of the business by challenging Goldberg and Lesnar.

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Riddle reportedly also had a conversation with Brock Lesnar backstage recently, where The Beast told Riddle that the two of them will never work in the ring together.

Published 08 Feb 2020, 08:11 IST
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