Michael Elgin discusses IMPACT Rebellion, says he wants to face Rusev & Drew McIntyre [Exclusive]

Elgin is ready to be IMPACT World Champion!
Elgin is ready to be IMPACT World Champion!
Elgin is a powerhouse!
Elgin is a powerhouse!

It's not just younger talents making waves in Impact, there are so many legends in the locker room. You have the likes of Ken Shamrock, Tommy Dreamer, Rhino - what is your opinion on having those older heads in the locker room? Do you feel like it adds to Impact as a product or are you more like, "Oh, man, make room for the younger guys?" What are your thoughts?

I think it's a two-sided coin. What I mean by that is, obviously, they are taking spots that could be utilized for younger people but those younger people don't have the value that they do, so they're needed.

I don't mean that as a slight towards them, I don't mean that as a negative because if someone is flipping through the channels that hasn't seen Impact for a while and watched wrestling for a while - but sees a Rob Van Dam, a Rhino, a Tommy Dreamer or a Ken Shamrock, that might make them tune in.


Not only that, they have such experience and been to so many different places and learn from so many great people and they are in positions to be the best they are and the best they can be, so they can help the younger guys on the roster with knowledge to help us perform, you know? We have a young roster, like you said, which has a lot of people who don't have the experience of wrestling on a big stage, wrestling on a live pay-per-view, wrestling on TV weekly. But they have years and years and years, that can help provide inspiration and tools for the younger talent to be the best they can be on our product so I think they are very valuable to the company.

That kind of leads on to my next question that I need to ask. Impact Wrestling themselves put up a little post yesterday asking, because it was draft day, which free agents people would like to see in the company. Obviously there's a lot of former Impact wrestlers, I'd say some people that you would even say are legends of the company, have just become free agents in the likes of Kurt Angle, EC3, Drake Maverick. Who would you like to see in Impact or who would like to compete against in terms of free agents out there right now?

You know, I think that FTR, former Revival, would be amazing. I think we have a very strong tag team division and I think they would greatly add to it. For myself, personally, I think the number one of the free agents recently that have opened up would be Rusev. I saw so much in him in WWE that I think he can really do something special and obviously past greats of Impact Wrestling, EC3 and Eric Young, are now available and I would love to be able to show what I can do against guys who once helped put Impact at the forefront.

Elgin wants to face Rusev!
Elgin wants to face Rusev!

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