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Mick Foley discusses the "mystique" of The Undertaker

Mick Foley discussed his relationship with The Deadman
Mick Foley discussed his relationship with The Deadman
Nithin Joseph
Modified 10 Nov 2020

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Mick Foley commented on the "mystique" revolving around The Undertaker, among several other things, including how his relationship with The Deadman has developed over the years. The Undertaker is scheduled to have his farewell at Survivor Series on November 22nd, 2020.

Mick Foley expanded on the "mystique" revolving not just around the character of The Undertaker, but around Mark Calloway himself. He focused on Calloway's decision to shed some of the mystery from the character of The Undertaker, something he has been doing for the past few years.

"I like the mystique. I do, and I try to keep a mystique around it. Even though it's okay to talk about the man behind the character, he is in some ways the character, and there is an aura around him. I don't know Mark as well now as I did in 1990 when I used to travel with him. I kind of like it that way. When I was Mankind going up against The Undertaker, there was that aura every night." H/t Wrestling Inc

Mick Foley says it was an honor to wrestle The Undertaker

Mick Foley also brought up his iconic Hell in a Cell match in 1998 at King of the Ring. He explained how it was and always will be an honor to have wrestled with The Phenom. He even remembers the goosebumps he would get everytime The Undertaker's music came on.

"I talked about this in my Hall of Fame acceptance speech, every night when I was with Paul Bearer and The Undertaker's music would go off, I would do what you just did. I would show off the hairs on my arm, standing on end. Paul Bearer would roll up his sleeves, and his hairs would be standing on end. There was never a night when it felt like a job. It was always an honor. I prefer to treat that character with reverence." H/t Wrestling Inc

The interview ended with Mick Foley expressing that he was glad that The Undertaker, or Mark Calloway, was choosing to breakout in order to live a regular life.

It may be hard for us to stomach it, but we also must agree with Mick Foley and wish Mark Calloway the best of luck in the future and thank him for the memories.

Published 10 Nov 2020, 02:35 IST
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