Mixed Match Challenge Results: Rusev and Lana vs Elias and Bayley

The unlikely team of Elias and Bayley take on Rusev and Lana
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This week's episode of The Mixed Match Challenge featured WWE Superstars Elias and Bayley taking on the real-life couple of Rusev and Lana. Elias and Bayley were representing Americares, while Rusev and Lana support Global Citizen. The show opened with Elias and Bayley already in the middle of the ring, strumming guitars. Before they could start singing, Rusev and Lana interrupted them.

Elias and Bayley attempt to serenade the WWE Universe before the match

As both teams entered the ring, we saw that Elias has his abdomen taped after the beating he took from the night before. Before the match began, Rusev started a "Lana is the best, Lana number one" chant.

Bayley and Lana began the match, with Bayley quickly outwrestling the Ravishing Russian. However, after her husband taled her up in the corner, Lana tackled Bayley, showing off the training that she's been getting from Rusev.

Lana grabs Elias' guitar, but Rusev kept her from attacking their opponents with it. Elias tagged himself in, and the crowd chanted for Rusev Day. Rusev worked on out grappling Elias, but the Drifter took him down with some cheap shots. Rusev took back control after catching Elias with a Machka kick, but Bayley tagged herself in.

Lana hit Bayley with a sitout facebuster and worked over Bayley with a more aggressive style than she showed back in the summer. Bayley broke out of a submission hold and hit Lana with repeated clotheslines before hanging Lana up on the ropes with a neck breaker.

Bayley tried to connect with the top-rope Bayley to Belly while Elias took Rusev out with a flying knee, but Lana escaped. Lana pulled Bayley's legs out from under her, and she hit the turnbuckle face first. Lana covered Bayley and picked up the win, securing her first win in the WWE in 9:33.

Enter cap
Lana is the best, Lana number one!!

Results: Lana and Rusev defeat Bayley and Elias

After the match, Lana and Rusev claim that today is officially "Ravishing Rusev Day."

Next week, Bobby Roode and Charlotte, the odds-on favourites, face off against Apollo Crews and Nia Jax. Apollo offers Nia a spot in Titus Worldwide, but she quickly shuts him down.

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