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WWE Rumours: Miz vs Ziggler Cage match coming soon?

The Miz and Dolph Ziggler may square off in unfamiliar territory

The feud is not over by any means

Dolph Ziggler and The Miz are two stars who have both benefited a lot from the brand split and being drafted to the Smackdown Live brand. Ziggler was given an opportunity at the WWE World Championship off the bat against Dean Ambrose at Summerslam. 

Though the match itself disappointed, the build-up was really good, and Ziggler got to showcase a side to him which he has not showcased in years. 

The thing is, in Smackdown Live, the fans are given a reason to care about Dolph Ziggler. He is given the platform to expose his strengths and have meaningful storylines. The entire 2015 and 2016 up till the draft saw Ziggler simply toiling around in meaningless feuds. 

Even The Miz has excelled. Ever since his Intercontinental Championship win in the Raw after Wrestlemania 32, his pairing with Maryse got lot of acclaim from fans and pundits alike. The chemistry simply works, and the Hollywood A-Lister has arguably been doing some of the greatest work of his career now.

His passionate worked shoot promo against Daniel Bryan on Talking Smack garnered lot of buzz and praise towards The Miz, so much so that Smackdown Live got the highest viewership since the brand split the next week, mainly with people looking to see what the follow up on The Miz’ promo to Daniel Bryan would be.

After Summerslam, Dolph Ziggler began a feud with The Miz, and they faced off in an Intercontinental Championship match at  Backlash, The match at Backlash was a really good bout, being one of Miz’ greatest in-ring performances in his career.

The Miz stood triumphant at the end of the match after Maryse sprayed something onto Ziggler’s face, thus distracting him and causing the Miz to hit the Skull-Crushing Finale for the three count. 

Smackdown Live is going to be all about long-term storytelling, and this might be the case with this feud as well. The feud is far from over, and in fact, according to CageSide Seats, there is talks of a Miz vs Ziggler cage match. Perhaps it could be at the upcoming No Mercy  Pay-Per-View on October 9th.

Either way, it will be a relatively new match for both competitors. They have great chemistry in and out of the ring. A cage match would arguably be able to steal the show and become the match of the night on any given card.

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