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MJF shockingly assaulted by audience member at AEW Full Gear after turning heel [Watch]

Daniel Wood
10 Nov 2019, 22:37 IST

When and how did MJF turn heel?

MJF shocked the AEW crowd at Full Gear when he shockingly and unexpectedly turned on his 'best friend' Cody Rhodes and not only cost him his match against Chris Jericho for the AEW Title, but ensured he'd never be able to compete for the promotion's top title ever again.

Okay, so maybe MJF's true colors coming out was the storyline they were building to all along, so not quite as shocking or unexpected as people have made it out to be, but there's certainly no questioning that when it happened it was really, really well done.

How was MJF assaulted by a member of the crowd at Full Gear?

So well done in fact that smarmy, grinning MJF ended up getting assaulted by a member of the audience allegedly so incensed by what he'd just seen that he decided to throw his drink all over MJF

As far as betrayals and heel turns go you cannot wish for a better reaction than that, so if you're AEW, Cody and MJF you'd probably be thrilled to see someone so affected by your story that they're assaulting wrestlers with liquids. The small matter of assault aside, of course.

It's certainly one of the more memorable wrestling moments of 2019, as Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp has indicated below, and it certainly cemented the moment as one of the best heel turns in recent memory. This is regardless of whether or not it was a planned moment or a spontaneous member of the crowd, but which one was it?

Was MJF's assaulter at Full Gear a legitimately angry fan or a plant for AEW?

Well, the belief at the moment is that it was a plant, with Ringside News reporting that ht was independent wrestler Alan Angels who threw the drink.


So, it seems like it was a little bit of clever booking from AEW to give them a long-lasting visual to compound MJF's sudden and decisive betrayal of Cody Rhodes, and it looks like we may be heading towards the build of AEW's top heel and future star of the promotion.

Will MJF be one of 2020's top stars?

This is certainly what DDP thinks as he discussed MJF in a recent interview with us.

What did you think of MJF's heel turn and do you think he'll be a future star in AEW? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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