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Money in the Bank 2019: 3 Superstars who could turn heel/face at Money in the Bank

  • Money in the Bank could have some character changes in store.
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Modified 18 May 2019, 08:40 IST

What surprises might be in store for this Sunday
What surprises might be in store for this Sunday's Money in the Bank?

When done correctly, a well-timed heel or face turn can truly set a superstar on a path to the top. Seth Rollins' betrayal of the Shield was brilliant, as was CM Punk's heel turn at Raw 1,000.

Instead of a superstar merely changing their attitudes, a bigger impact can be made when he or she attacks a fellow superstar that they had been aligned with. Once again, I refer to Rollins and the Shield.

Kevin Owens acted as both a face and heel on the same night in NXT when he debuted, first by cheering Sami Zayn when the latter won the NXT Championship. He would end the night, however, by attacking his friend. Now any time he starts to be nice to someone, you know it's likely a matter of time before he power-bombs that person into the ring apron.

Money in the Bank offers a great opportunity for a multitude of stars, and perhaps not winning the briefcase or simply losing a match could push someone over the edge. Over the last few months, some subtle seeds have been planted in particular segments between stars who have matches at MITB. With that being said, here are three potential situations that involve stars who might turn heel or face at Money in the Bank.

#3 Bayley

'The Hugger' has always been fun-loving but something could push her over the edge

Throughout her entire run in both NXT and on WWE's main roster, Bayley has been the face of faces in the women's division. She's friendly with the WWE Universe and especially kids. Her gimmick of a somewhat naive superstar has run its course, and after years of being treated as a joke by some of the heels and bullies in the company, maybe she snaps this Sunday.

She added an edge - or perhaps grew up - with a move to SmackDown after losing the Women's Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania 35. Perhaps she internalized her unhappiness better than her former tag partner, but it would be totally understandable if she turned heel.

Bayley has long been the member of the Four Horsewomen who hasn't had the best booking. She has been routinely used as a gallant challenger when challenging the likes of Nia Jax, Ronda Rousey and more recently, Becky Lynch.

Perhaps they use the title loss as the impetus for a heel turn, and winning the briefcase could also help the turn. A face cashing in on another face isn't unheard of, but this time, if Bayley cashed in on Beck Lynch, she might not be met with a lot of cheers.


'The Hugger' would simply be doing what anyone who has won the briefcase has done, but WWE could easily book her to change up her character as someone who has learned from the trials of her past.

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Published 18 May 2019, 08:40 IST
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