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More accusations of unprofessional behavior by WWE trainer Bill DeMott

8.13K   //    03 Mar 2015, 17:11 IST
Has Bill gone too far?

New accusations of unprofessional behavior by WWE head trainer Bill DeMott have surfaced this week. Austin Matelson who performed in NXT as Judas Devlin made a number of disturbing claims on Vendetta Pro Radio and social media on Monday. He also says he tried to share his story with management in a letter of complaint, but it is not clear if there was an internal investigation. DeMott remains doing his daily schedule.

Demott is alleged to:

- Ignore diagnosed injuries and put talent in dangerous situations to exacerbate them. With a partially torn PCL Matelson says he was ordered in to the ring to deliver “10 Fireman’s Carries” to an exhausted “280lbs Gary Jackson” who collapsed and aggrevated the injury. 

- Encourage talent to hide injuries so they don’t look weak to WWE.

- Often tell talent to do moves without allowing them to stretch and warm up.

- Set up situations where inexperienced and exhausted talent land on their heads and necks.

- Ridicule injured wrestlers.

- Use homophobic and inappropriate language. 

- Mocked the death of the British Bulldog in front of everyone.

- Physically slapped and wished death upon Enzo Amore. Demonstrated how to do a move incorrectly by dropping him on his head.

- Kicked Alberto Del Rio’s brother Memo Montenegro in the groin and mocked his Mexican accent.

- Deliberately try to bust open students’ lips.

Ryan Nemeth, the older brother of Dolph Ziggler who used to work in developmental, says he experienced similar things under DeMott:

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