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More news on Bill DeMott controversy, WWE expecting a lawsuit?

2.26K   //    16 Mar 2015, 11:12 IST
Bill DeMott: Will he file a lawsuit?

As noted before, former WWE NXT trainer Bill DeMott had been accused of indecorous and unprofessional behaviour by NXT Talent Austin Matelson (Judas Devlin) and Former WWE Diva Trenesha Biggers and others.

Well, most of the accusations which have been out are from the year 2013 while some went far enough to his novice days as a developmental coach that ended in 2007.The WWE had installed cameras all over the Performance Center and had filmed every single practice after the issue with Bill went viral. 

Maybe the cameras were set just because of this controversy as the company wanted a video proof to defend themselves just in case a lawsuit is filed by the accused in future.According to recent reports,the WWE is expecting lawsuits ebbing out of this controversy.  

Almost all the company workers and stars were familiar to this issue and even some were astonished so as to why he still owns a job in the company? According to reports by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, most of the claims by NXT star  Austin Matelson (Judas Devlin) were true but some were exaggerated to a greater extent.

The WWE recently released an official statement concerning the issue noting that they had completed their complete investigation into Matelson’s accusations.The people close to developmental and the stars involved are unhappy with the WWE’s investigation on this issue.So will Bill defend himself with a lawsuit?Let’s see.

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