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Most improved WWE star of the week

3.84K   //    11 May 2014, 10:53 IST

Raw may not have had many new moments on Monday, but it was still a decent show. Speaking of new moments, as mentioned prior to the full stop there were not many special moments, but there were a few and one of them was The Celtic Warrior Sheamus winning the US Title. Sheamus isn’t one of the popular stars on the roster. That can be attributed to the fact that Creative has nothing sorted about their plans for him.

Sure, he’s one of the most pushed superstars in the company. Triple H surely likes him and why won’t he? He’s got the protocol build for a WWE superstar. But Sheamus somehow had more spark when he started out in the WWE. He was a heel and just about a week ago there were strong speculations that he was about to turn heel. And that really helped in garnering interest for his title victory.

When Sheamus first came on Raw, his brows were always down and closer to each other obviously implying that he was annoyed and he had that look imprinted and that was a clear sign of a warning that nobody should mess with him. He also stood out for his pale skin and the commentators made much fun of it.

Once he turned face he was called the ‘Great White’ and not many jokes were made. But the commentary booth is better now with JBL around. Sheamus was anyway pushed so much that he became the WWE Champion and in one particular match with Triple H, he dominated in the most powerful and vicious way. Triple H has a reputation of carrying an figurative shovel to bury people but in that match he really put Sheamus over.

The early signs of Creative not knowing what to do with Sheamus were visible an dthen they turned him face and since them it’s been quite a downer. He looked like a cartoon character and imbibed a happy go lucky persona but obviously with an intimidating wrestling style. None of his great wrestling matches were salvation for his underwhelming gimmick.

He defeated Daniel Bryan in 18 seconds at Wrestlemania but Sheamus was the biggest loser that night and that feud. Daniel Bryan has only gotten better and better with reactions.

Speaking of reactions, remember the infamous( or is it famous?) match with Randy Orton on Raw after Wrestlemania 29? Randy Orton and Sheamus committed a huge blunder bigger than any botch and that was losing control over the crowd and that summarizes Sheamus’ gimmick- he hasn’t been able to control the crowd on a consistent basis.

But now, in one week, it seems that things might change. Of the many people in the roster Sheamus desperately needs a character change and WWE seems to be finally doing that. He was in a good Battle Royal match on raw and an equally good match with Ambrose on Smackdown. He won both and seems to be on quite a momentum and intrigue surrounds him.

Some say his heel turn has already taken place, some say it’s in motion and some say that the wait will be over soon. One of the other cardinal rule in wrestling is to develop an interest around your character. Sheamus certainly seems to have achieved that in one week.

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