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My simple 5 step booking plan to get Roman Reigns cheered

Billi Bhatti
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Roman needs to shed the Shield reject gear and start over. 

When it comes to Roman the Reigns, WWE have made it clear, although at times it may appear that they are listening to the fans, it is simply a delaying tactic.

Roman Reigns seems destined to be the top babyface, no matter how many crowds booed him, no matter how many better options there might be, because the WWE have decided that he is the guy they want to be on top.

Despite the negative crowd reactions towards Reigns, the WWE is still wildly profitable, as they were when John Cena was receiving similar reactions. Therefore, it’s hard to say that their methodology is completely wrong when everything they’ve been doing has made money.

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Of course, as history has shown, just because something is working right now doesn’t mean it will stay that way forever. People always like to point out that even the actual Roman Empire, which spanned a significant part of the largest continent in the world, eventually fell.

Somehow, that seems like an appropriate comparison here, where WWE is pinning a lot of hopes on a Roman Empire of their own, and while it is very unlikely to end up costing them their existence, they may end up taking a costly hit when they finally realise that another decade with a “polarising” top babyface, is not best for business.

As a 27-year WWE fan, I feel qualified to Iay out what I feel the WWE need to do to reverse their never-ending Roman Reigns situation, in just 5 simple steps.

Step 1: Turn him heel

This one is so easy. The guy is the most over HEEL in the WWE. There isn’t a single heel in the WWE who gets the reaction that Reigns gets when he comes out. You only need to listen to the reaction when he came out at number 30 at the Royal Rumble and then again when he threw out The Undertaker.

The Undertaker match at WrestleMania would be the perfect time and opponent to turn him heel against, when he cheats to win.

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