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Myths About Women's Wrestling

Harsh Agrawal
984   //    01 Oct 2018, 19:35 IST

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WWE has been advertising about the women's revolution for a couple of years now. The female wrestlers have been feeling much more important now than ever before. The management has started giving them the spotlight, and women wrestlers are proving consistently that why they deserve the position they are in right now. The revolution is not something that started something in the near past, it is a continues process that had begun long ago and will still continue in the future.

Though it is a huge thing in the wrestling and everybody has been vocal about it, there are few fables about women wrestling that people still believe. Sometimes WWE twists the facts a bit. Let's look at such myths.

Men and Women Wrestlers get equal rights and opportunities


WWE advertises that now as a result of the women revolution, men and women gets equal opportunities and rights which is far from the truth. Since women wrestlers make less appearance on shows, they are paid less than their male colleagues.

BirminghamLive revealed the salaries of the WWE wrestlers, and we can clearly see the difference. Male wrestlers like Brock Lesnar earn almost as much as all the female wrestlers combined, it’s a problem that the company has to address at some point. This difference is not just on the basis of the appearance, but clearly, gender played a role in it.

Women do not get equal opportunity and TV time either. Unlike with male wrestlers, Raw and Smackdown focus on one storyline each for women's roster. Smackdown is focusing on Becky vs Charlotte feud and Raw is focusing on Rousey vs Riott Squad. No other storyline is going on at the moment and these two matches only will take place in major upcoming pay-per-views representing women's roster.

With the situation like this, talented wrestlers like Sasha Banks, Bailey, Asuka, and Naomi do not get to feature on their respective shows regularly and legends like Natalya and Mickie James are stuck at ringside with Ronda and Bliss respectively. Women's Revolution won't mean anything if this continues to happen.

WWE Did not Start Women Revolution

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Every now and then, WWE claims that they started women's revolution in the wrestling industry with their ''first-time'' matches. But, here, they are just twisting the facts. WWE gave the term 'Women's Revolution' to something that was already happening outside the promotion. TNA actually first started making women's wrestling feel more important. It was years before WWE came up with the term that TNA realised that women deserve an equal opportunity and started giving them the fair share of the limelight and matches.

But, since the promotion is not that popular as compared to WWE and they did not advertise this much with some catchy term, not many people know about these. Fans who watch TNA associate with what I am talking about.