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WWE protecting Neville? Production workers face heat from WWE officials

Initially, when Neville joined the WWE roster there were a lot of concerns about how the WWE would deal with him.

News 17 May 2015, 15:25 IST
Neville’s WWE status

When Neville first came to the WWE main roster, there were a lot of concerns among the people in WWE and fans. Also, many feared that he wouldn’t last long. But as of now, things are going well for Neville and the WWE team is looking to protect him until they find a solid role for him. This is why Neville didn’t go under clean to United States Champion John Cena on Raw.

There was heat on production workers from WWE officials. This is because, the production team has shown Cena telling Rusev to grab the US Title belt after the post-match attack on Monday night.

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