37-year-old star could become the newest member of The Bloodline in WWE, according to veteran (Exclusive)

Could Cody Rhodes find a place in The Bloodline?
Could Cody Rhodes find a place in The Bloodline?

Vince Russo recently pitched an interesting idea of Cody Rhodes becoming a member of The Bloodline in WWE and then destroying the stable from within.

Fans were stunned beyond words at WrestleMania 39 when The American Nightmare failed to win the Undisputed Universal Title from Roman Reigns. Though he's still expected to face The Tribal Chief down the line and dethrone him, for now, Cody has moved on to feud with Brock Lesanr on WWE RAW.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling's The Wrestling Outlaws, Vince Russo explained how WWE could reignite the feud between Cody and Reigns. Russo cited the example of the iconic feud between Bryan Danielson and Bray Wyatt, where the former joined the Wyatt Family to destroy it from the inside.

He feels WWE should adopt a similar approach to Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns' storyline, with Cody joining The Bloodline before showing his true colors.

"I have said it from Day 1, Cody Rhodes is a heel. And if you're going to do anything with him, bro, could you imagine if they did the Daniel Bryan-Bray Wyatt thing and it set it up in such a way where Cody joins The Bloodline? But, he's gonna destroy from the inside; I mean, it's a master plan. The last in the world that represents a babyface is a fricking suit. Look at the audience; have they ever worn a suit?" [15:40 - 16:22]

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WWE has exciting plans in store for The Bloodline for this week's SmackDown

Since The Usos lost their Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania 39, tensions have been teased between them and Roman Reigns.

Last week on RAW, Paul Heyman didn't let Jey and Jimmy Uso enter The Tribal Chief's locker room, saying he was busy. A recent report has suggested that WWE planned to have tensions escalating between Heyman and Jey on SmackDown.

It was also noted that Roman Reigns would "have his say" on the matter sometime down the line. Considering just how well-booked The Bloodline saga has been, fans can expect another compelling chapter in the story to take form steadily.

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