38-year-old WWE star is a"second coming of Kurt Angle," says Veteran (Exclusive)

Kurt Angle is a WWE Hall of Famer!
Kurt Angle is a WWE Hall of Famer!

Kurt Angle is one of the greatest pro wrestlers to have stepped inside the WWE ring and being compared to him would be an honor for any active stars. While some have resembled the Olympic Gold medalist in certain ways, Dutch Mantell believes Chad Gable is the "second coming" of the legend.

Chad Gable has drawn comparisons to Kurt Angle ever since breaking into the WWE scene. His recent heel turn has further led fans to state that the Alpha Academy leader is in many ways like the America Hero.

Gable is set to face Sami Zayn and Bronson Reed in a triple-threat match for the IC Title at King and Queen of the Ring and could end up winning his first singles title in the Stamford-based promotion.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling's SmackTalk, Dutch Mantell stated that he feels that Zayn will walk out as the champion. However, the former WWE manager stressed that Gable is doing amazing work, calling him the "second coming" of Angle.

"I am gonna go with Sami. Sami is over like a son of a gun. Crowd will like that, people will like that. Straight up. Leave a little angle there for Chad because I think Chad is a second coming of Kurt Angle. We’ll see what they can do."

He added:

"I enjoy Chad’s work. I enjoy the way he acts. He’s stupid like Kurt and he’s got a good personality." [55:33 onwards]

Chad Gable turned heel a few weeks back and is already getting some of the loudest negative reactions from fans. He was even treated to "you su*k" chants on WWE RAW like Kurt Angle used to receive in his villainous era.

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