5-Time World Champion wants to induct Brock Lesnar into the WWE Hall of Fame

Brock Lesnar.
Brock Lesnar.
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Brock Lesnar is a future WWE Hall of Famer, and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to take one glance at the Beast Incarnate's unmatched combat sports résumé.

During the most recent edition of 'Ask Kurt Anything' on, Kurt Angle revealed who he would like to induct into the WWE Hall of Fame if given a chance to choose.

Angle explained that he would prefer to induct Superstars from amateur wrestling backgrounds just like him, and Brock Lesnar was the first name that popped up in his mind.

The 5-Time WWE World Champion also named his former Team Angle stablemates - Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas - as two wrestlers he would love to induct into the HOF.

"I would say someone that followed me through amateur wrestling, like Brock Lesnar. Shelton Benjamin, or Team Angle, Shelton and Charlie. They would make a lot more sense, and I know that I can relate to them. So, I would be able to speak for them really well, be able to induct them into the Hall of Fame. I think someone of that stature would be perfect for me," said Angle.

Where is Brock Lesnar?


Brock Lesnar has been on a hiatus from wrestling since dropping the WWE Championship to Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 36. Lesnar might be 43 years old, but he is a freak of nature who still has the physical attributes to go full throttle in the ring.

Brock Lesnar is expected to re-sign with WWE and return when the company's creative team formulates a compelling storyline for the veteran star. In the meantime, Lesnar is content with spending some quality time with his family.

There are still, understandably, several years to go until we see Brock Lesnar get immortalized alongside other legendary names in the WWE Hall of Fame.

However, when Brock Lesnar eventually does go into the WWE Hall of Fame, should Kurt Angle be the one to induct the former Universal Champion? Do you have another name in mind?

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