Adam Pearce announces his intentions with CM Punk; Seth Rollins gives an epic response on RAW

An interesting segment and an even more interesting response
An interesting segment and an even more interesting response

Adam Pearce does not want to repeat what happened with Randy Orton when it comes to CM Punk. He even informed Seth Rollins of his intentions, and The Visionary had an epic response.

Backstage before the main event of RAW, Adam Pearce ran into World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, a man who has called CM Punk a hypocrite and refuses to acknowledge him beyond a sentence or two.

The RAW General Manager declared that he intends to sign Punk to an exclusive RAW contract, and Seth Rollins told him to "zip it" and said he didn't care.

He told Pearce to do what he's got to do but warned him that when CM Punk inevitably shows his true colors, Adam should leave him to Rollins and let him do what he does:

Pearce also revealed that he invited Punk to RAW next week. As you may know, The Best in the World will make his first SmackDown appearance in nearly a decade this week on the Tribute to the Troops edition of the blue brand.

It won't be surprising to see Nick Aldis pursuing Punk like he did to Randy Orton. The motivations, of course, are entirely different, as Orton's signing was based on his desire for revenge against The Bloodline and Roman Reigns.

Will Punk sign with RAW or SmackDown? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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