AEW CBO Brandi Rhodes finally opens up on reason for leaving Twitter

Brandi Rhodes
Brandi Rhodes

Recently, AEW came out with a huge announcement about a new platform they had built that was specifically catering to female wrestling fans and women's wrestling called AEW Heels. The platform was introduced by Brandi Rhodes, the Chief Brand Officer (CBO) for AEW, who opened up about the platform. The cost of signing on to the platform was $50.

Unfortunately, AEW and Brandi Rhodes came under a lot of criticism surrounding the launch of AEW Heels. The anger from the fans was surrounding the fact that the platform cost so much on a yearly basis, and that it was not being made an affordable choice. Other fans also commented on how AEW had not really given the women's division the push that was expected from them. Brandi Rhodes, soon after this, deleted her Twitter. Now, she has opened up on why she deleted her Twitter.

Brandi Rhodes reveals the real reason she left Twitter after AEW Heels announcement

In a now-deleted tweet, Cody Rhodes revealed that Brandi Rhodes had received a lot of racial abuse and that it was natural to leave a social media platform under such circumstances.

“Leaving a social app because you open your phone to an absurd amount of n bombs is respectfully understandable. No place for that.”

Now, Brandi Rhodes, in an interview with TV Insider, has revealed that she felt that there were other things that she needed to focus on, including AEW Heels. She said that she was instead, focusing her energy on the Women's Tag Team Cup Tournament and the AEW Heels platform.

"I just think that right now there are other things that need my attention a lot more. I’m focusing on “Heels,” which Friday we had our first members based event. It was extremely successful. It’s nice to come together in a community of women that really appreciated it and enjoyed it. We had a really great time on Friday night. It was nice to put my energy into that. My energy is also going into the 'Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament'...It has been a really nice weekend to put all my time and energy into what I want to be focusing on right now."

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