AEW's Dustin Rhodes recalls how WWE saved his life

The Rhodes brothers have come a long way
The Rhodes brothers have come a long way

On a recent episode of AEW Unristected, Dustin Rhodes appeared and visited some critical life events. He shared how WWE sponsored his time in a rehabilitation center that possibly changed his life.

AEW's Dustin Rhodes made a historic debut in the promotion when he faced off against his brother, Cody in AEW's first PPV. The duo clashed in AEW's Double Or Nothing and the crowd loved every single minute of it.

AEW's Dustin Rhodes battle with drug abuse

The Rhodes brothers were a mainstay on WWE before Dustin jumped boat, following Cody to AEW. AEW has since then, gathered great admiration from the Pro-Wrestling community. On the show, Rhodes spoke about his past drug abuse. Rhodes had the following to say. I'd like to thank for the transcription.

"I was very bad into drugs and alcohol for a good chunk of four or five years. It got really terribly bad. I did not care about life. I did not care about my daughter. I did not care about anything except drinking and taking pills and doing cocaine. That’s all I cared about and it got really bad. I had a three day binge and I could not snap out of it. It scared me. That was my rock bottom. The third day happens and it’s 4 in the morning. A lot of things are going on in my body. At that point I had lost everything because I pawned everything. I lived in a little garage that was connected to somebody’s house that I was renting. I had nothing except clothes and a few things. No cell services. Dad gave me one of his cell phones. If I needed cell service, I had to crawl up the hill. It is pouring down rain. It is 4 in the morning. My wife is there now with me through all this. She helps me crawl out. I am so shit faced. I crawl up the hill and call my Dad. I tell him that I need help. WWE has the Wellness Program. They got me in the next day. I loaded up on drugs and alcohol going into rehab. I get out of rehab 30 days later and I never turned back. It’s almost 12 years and from that day I got out of rehab, Dad would call me every day to make sure I was working my program. I went an AA meeting for 2 years straight every single night. Every phone call would end with him saying he is proud of me.”

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