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WWE News: AJ Styles continues to take shots at the hosts of Today Show

The phenomenal one reacts to being called 'a guy from Atlanta'.

Aj Styles
Will he continue his winning streak at the Royal Rumble?

What's the story?

AJ Styles delivered an intense promo this past Tuesday night on SmackDown Live, where he took shots at the hosts of the Today Show for calling him 'a guy from Atlanta'.

His frustrations didn't end just there, as the current WWE Champion once again called out both the hosts of the show during his latest interview with Yahoo Sports.

In case you didn't know...

AJ Styles confronted John Cena this past week on SmackDown and delivered an intense promo. During the promo, he showed disappointment towards being on the back end of the Royal Rumble poster.

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He also showed his displeasure on not being recognised by the hosts of the Today Show, while they interviewed his opponent John Cena for the Royal Rumble. You can watch the segment involving Cena and Styles below:

The heart of the matter

During his latest interview, Styles talked about many things including John Cena as well as his WWE debut last year. When asked about the comments made by the hosts of the Today Show, the former TNA star said that they should do research before talking about wrestling:

"I would like for her [Tamron] to do some research before she tries to talk about something she has no idea about.

As far as Al goes, he said he didn’t say anything. I beg to differ, Al. I would say you are involved, sir. You are just jealous because you have no hair."

What's next?

AJ Styles is scheduled to face John Cena in a one on one bout for the WWE Championship this Sunday at the Royal Rumble PPV. With all sorts of rumours being heard about the possible outcome of this match, it would be interesting to see who comes on the top at the event.

Sportskeeda's take

Due to the addition of stars such as Undertaker, Brock Lesnar and Goldberg, and matches such as John Cena vs AJ Styles and the 30 Men Battle Royal itself, Royal Rumble is expected to be an exploding PPV and fans are eagerly waiting for it.

As far as the hosts of the Today show are concerned, while the entire interview might just be a work, the interviewers should have still been more respectful towards a veteran of the wrestling business like AJ Styles, that’s for certain.

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