AJ Styles helped WWE stars get recognized in America, says former champion

AJ Styles held the WWE Championship twice since joining the company in 2016
AJ Styles held the WWE Championship twice since joining the company in 2016

AJ Styles was renowned for his work in the pro-wrestling world long before he joined WWE in 2016.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows followed as The Bullet Club was reinvented on WWE TV and was plunged into a storyline with Roman Reigns and, subsequently, John Cena.

During his interview with Ryan Satin on Out of Character, Karl Anderson recalled making the move from New Japan and getting recognition from fans. The former tag champ credited Styles for bringing the latter's massive following and star power into The Bullet Club:

"I have to give credit to, uh, we all were working very hard at it, but, I think when AJ Styles, his contract was up with IMPACT at the time, or whatever it was, and he ended up coming over to New Japan, andn they put him with us in The Bullet Club, and AJ brought his own fans that followed him, and the people that knew how great he was, and that definitely helped bring us into America," Karl Anderson said. [1:46 onwards]

He further stated that AJ Styles took The Bullet Club to a different level, concluding by saying that the former WWE Champion is one of the best in the business.

Karl Anderson is pushing for a singles run in WWE

The Good Brothers returned in the second half of 2022, reuniting with AJ Styles to take on the former leader of The Bullet Club - Finn Balor - and The Judgment Day on WWE RAW.

Karl Anderson was asked about a potential singles run in the Stamford-based promotion, and he said:

"Yeah, I don't know why I wasn't in the Money in the Bank match. I'm down. Let's get this rocking. AJ is the World Champion, Gallows can be the heater, and throw me in the ladder match. I'm dying for it. It's just more about timing and waiting for the right story. I'm pushing for it. I hope for it," said Anderson. [H/T: Fightful]

Karl Anderson held the RAW Tag Team Championship twice alongside Luke Gallows since their career in the global juggernaut commenced. You can read more about AJ Styles talking about retiring here.

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