Akira Tozawa wins the 24/7 Championship on Monday Night RAW

Akira Tozawa grabs his third 24/7 Championship
Akira Tozawa grabs his third 24/7 Championship
Greg Bush
Modified 25 Aug 2020

Another Monday Night RAW, another 24/7 Championship change. Shelton Benjamin, as if he didn't have enough trouble holding onto the title already, had to defend it in a Fatal-4-Way match.

The match featured the current champion, along with the past three WWE Superstars to hold the 24/7 Championship on Monday Night RAW; Cedric Alexander, Akira Tozawa, and R-Truth. The title has bounced around between all four men over the past few months, but Benjamin has been the only one, as of late, to actually hold it longer than a few weeks.

Benjamin had reclaimed his title from Tozawa weeks ago after laying him out with a big boot while he ran away from various challengers. Tonight, Tozawa had the opportunity to get the title back.

Akira Tozawa captures the 24/7 Championship on Monday Night RAW

It was quite a short match, obviously. R-Truth added some new lyrics to his entrance song, looking to hold the gold one more time. Shelton Benjamin's hopes of walking away from Monday Night RAW tonight with the 24/7 Championship were already low, as this thing seemingly changes hands week-in and week-out.

Unfortunately for the Gold Standard, that meant this week as well. The Hurt Business member wasn't pinned, but was dumped to the floor just in time for Akira Tozawa to catch Cedric Alexander with a slingshot sunset flip.

As Tozawa ran away, Benjamin laid out the ninjas ringside. Still, the night is young, and Shelton Benjamin very well could regain his title by the end of Monday Night RAW. After all, there's still RAW Underground, hopefully, and Tozawa's still got a few hours left until the show is over.

Will the Hurt Business manage to bring the 24/7 Championship back to the fold? Follow along here for that and more updates from Monday Night RAW.

Published 25 Aug 2020
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