"Angry Miz Girl" Caley reacts to The Miz winning his 2nd WWE Championship [Exclusive]

The Miz and Angry Miz Girl, Caley
The Miz and Angry Miz Girl, Caley

I recently had a chat with Caley, the face behind one of the most popular memes in the meme world, "Angry Miz Girl" after The Miz successfully cashed in his Money in the Bank at Elimination Chamber.

Caley answered many questions about The Miz's WWE Championship win at the 2021 Elimination Chamber event.

Here's what Caley had to say about The Miz's successful cash-in on Drew McIntyre:

"I personally think he’s one of the best on the roster, I know it’s a big change from my opinion 10 years ago but I love him when he’s a heel champion, I think he’s got the personality for it down to a T."

Caley also recalled The Miz being incredibly kind to her when she met him backstage during his WWE Championship run.

"I loved meeting The Miz and he was always super kind to me and he worked super hard, so I definitely think he deserves it."

The Miz is on the top of the food chain again after more than a decade

When The Miz won the WWE Championship by cashing in his Money in the Bank contract on Randy Orton in November 2010, fans weren't too happy, including Caley. Their reactions were a clear indication that The Miz was doing the best heel work of his career. The Miz went on to successfully defend the coveted title against John Cena at WrestleMania 27.

Last year, The A-Lister won the Money in the Bank briefcase in a singles match against Otis, who had initially won the contract at the namesake PPV. Many believed that The Miz would have an unsuccessful cash-in, but WWE had other plans in mind. It would be interesting to see how WWE handles The Miz's Championship reign this time around.

Do you believe The Miz will walk into WrestleMania as the WWE Champion, or will he lose it at Fastlane? Sound off in the comment section!