Animal reveals the big mistake WWE made with RETRIBUTION (Exclusive)


RETRIBUTION finally revealed their identities on tonight's episode of RAW, opening the show with a promo. We now know that the male members of RETRIBUTION have now been renamed T-Bar, Mace and Slapjack. They faced The Hurt Business in the main event but ended up losing the match by DQ.

Animal on why WWE have made a big mistake with RETRIBUTION

On the latest edition of Legion of RAW on Sportskeeda Wrestling's Facebook channel, WWE legend Animal gave his thoughts on the RETRIBUTION angle from last night's episode of RAW. Animal was not a fan of RETRIBUTION both opening the show and closing it:

They got the open and the close which are the two hottest parts of the show. The rest of the show for three hours or two hours and forty-five minutes is filler, right? They did not do the show any justice.

Animal went on to talk about the big mistake WWE had made with RETRIBUTION - not having an established main roster star leading them. He went on to say that the RETRIBUTION members got exposed with their lack of experience:

They needed to have a big name who's going to be behind the whole Retribution deal that's a main card guy cause you could see in that last match even, the difference between the main card guys and the NXT guys. Nothing against the NXT guys, listen we all had to go through stepping stones in wrestling to get to be the top dog - I did it, Hawk did it, Rude did it, Henning did it, we all did it growing up, Davey Boy, Owen, everybody. But you can't expect to throw guys that barely are working main events in NXT to be the main event on TV or RAW. What do they expect is going to happen? On top of that, you take your hottest heel team and you have them play babyface against RETRIBUTION. Are you kidding me?

We will have to see where the RETRIBUTION storyline goes from here but this isn't a very promising start.

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