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Apollo Crews comments on what has held him back in the WWE

Apollo Crews feels he has been held back in the WWE
Apollo Crews feels he has been held back in the WWE
Nithin Joseph
Modified 08 Dec 2020

Apollo Crews was on the most recent episode of Chasing Glory along with Lillian Garcia, and revealed what exactly has held him back in the WWE. Despite what many may think, Crews believes the reason he has been held back comes down to his own inability to step outside of his comfort zone.

Speaking to Lillian Garcia, Apollo Crews discussed his habit of being unable to get out of his comfort zone. He suggested that it was the reason he has been held back in his WWE career.

"I struggled with always staying with what I feel comfortable with. I think that’s what holds me back sometimes is that it’s hard to step out of that comfort zone. Trying something different, if it maybe an outlandish character, I think I should just be me on TV and maybe that doesn’t translate well to the fans. Maybe that’s why they don’t understand who I am. It’s when you see people break outside that comfort zone is when they see a lot of success in life in general. You have to take those risks and I’ve always been timid with that." H/t

Winning a title helped put Apollo Crews back on track

Continuing on the topic, Apollo Crews spoke about how winning the WWE United States Championship put him back on track. At one point, he felt that he had lost his drive as a result of being too comfortable. However, winning the title helped him rediscover what he had lost.

"I think that’s what has held me back. I feel like somewhere along the way, I got too comfortable and I lost that drive. Winning the title did actually put me back on track. This isn’t it. The hard work is going to begin now. Let’s see what you are made of. It’s not like I can go back and kick my feet up. The next day I’m back to square one and I’ll say I know what I have to do to get back there and I’m going to make it happen." H/t

Apollo Crews most recently had a match against Sami Zayn for the Intercontinental Championship prior to Survivor Series. He has had minimal involvement since then, but hopefully he will take his own advice and step outside his comfort zone to re-enter the picture.

Published 08 Dec 2020, 04:47 IST
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