"Are we about to have ourselves... Judgment Day: Civil War?" - WWE fans lose it after extremely tense picture emerges after RAW

Are the Judgment Day still okay as a group?
Are The Judgment Day still okay as a group?

The Judgment Day was left in a very tense moment while WWE RAW went off the air. With Balor and Priest being at odds with each other and Rhea Ripley cradling Dominik, things are obviously not okay with the faction. A fan posted a picture of the moment, and the WWE Universe went wild with theories, commenting on it.

Things have been tense for the group in WWE for some time, but this week's RAW appeared to bring things to a head. Rollins wrestled Dominik in the main event, but the match ended in chaos, with Balor and Priest both getting involved.

A fan posted the very tense picture on Twitter, showing the moment RAW went off the air. Damian Priest was furious with The Prince, who had cost him his opportunity to cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase. Meanwhile, Dominik had been knocked down and was in Rhea Ripley's lap. Balor and The Archer of Infamy stared each other down, leading to many people commenting on it.

One of the commenters speculated whether this was the beginning of the faction's implosion in the same way that there had been a split in The Bloodline.

Another fan asked a very crucial question. With the tension obvious between Finn Balor and Damian Priest, things would be decided by what Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio chose to do. They could back either man, and the other might no longer have a place in The Judgment Day.

Another fan said that it was time for Damian Priest to move on. The fan pointed out that he was good at what he did and could be a great champion at some point, starring alongside Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. However, they said that Finn Balor was the odd one out in The Judgment Day.

Another fan also drew a comparison to The Bloodline.

Rhea Ripley spoke out about The Judgment Day's issues after WWE RAW

Ripley also commented on the status of the group after RAW. She shared the same picture the fan had and said that The Judgment Day was "fine."

Whether she was trying to convince fans or herself about the stable's status is not certain, but some fans found it funny and posted variations of the "This is fine" meme.

At this time, the next step for the faction is unclear, but next week's WWE RAW might give a clearer picture of their future.

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