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Arn Anderson reveals what should have been done when Ric Flair's life was threatened

El Gigante was a major force in the world of wrestling simply due to his size
El Gigante was a major force in the world of wrestling simply due to his size
Modified 13 Oct 2020, 20:05 IST

During his ARN podcast, Arn Anderson talked about how during his time as a backstage producer in WWE, it was up to him to control things in the company and deal with Superstars who might not be the best in the ring.

Arn Anderson also talked about the Argentinian eight-foot-tall giant El Gigante and how Jim Ross had issues dealing with him during El Gigante's feud with Ric Flair in WCW.

Arn Anderson on incompetent wrestlers; El Gigante in WCW

Arn Anderson talked about what would happen if there was someone invited to WWE to have a match who was not capable of having a proper match. Arn Anderson did not name anyone, but talked about how it was up to him to handle it. However, Arn Anderson did mention that if it looked like someone might cripple or hurt someone, they were not allowed to have matches in WWE.

"No, unfortunately, if they were invited in and there was conversation about having a match once they were there, guess whose hands it fell on to try to make it work. I never remember a situation where they went to the ring, and they just went, 'God they are so terrible. We can't risk the other guys getting crippled or hurt, because this guy's so rotten.' Because if they would have, they would have never allowed the other person to step in the ring. It was terrible, terrible, and as I found out, had some strength when he got mad."

Arn Anderson talked about El Gigante wrestling in WCW and how he talked about a promo for Ric Flair, who he was supposed to face. El Gigante was not able to cut a promo at all and worked with Jim Ross to try it. Instead of cutting a proper promo, El Gigante, who did not really know English, had twice just said, "Ric Flair, I kill you."

"Well, somebody should have gotten a giant broom and swept him out of the building. Because, then we have confirmed that two of the things that you really need to do, that is talk or wrestle, and he could not do either one. But he was tall. He was eight feet tall."

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Published 13 Oct 2020, 20:05 IST
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