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Arn Anderson talks about a possible Roman Reigns heel turn on returning to WWE

  • Roman Reigns turning heel is something that the WWE Universe has wanted for a very long time.
  • Whether this turn happens or not remains to be seen.
Modified 30 Jun 2020, 22:11 IST
Roman Reigns in WWE
Roman Reigns in WWE

Roman Reigns has been a part of WWE for years now. Throughout this time, the WWE Universe has had one complaint about Roman Reigns, and that was how far he was pushed as a babyface by the company instead of those that they wanted to see as the top man in WWE, such as Daniel Bryan or Dean Ambrose. However, if he had been turned heel by WWE, such complaints would not have been there. In the same manner, in which WWE had resisted all options to turn John Cena heel, Roman Reigns was never turned heel by the company either.

On his recent ARN podcast, Arn Anderson opened up about Roman Reigns possibly finally turning heel when he returns to the company after his hiatus ends with the end of the pandemic.

Arn Anderson on Roman Reigns turning heel when he returns to WWE

Arn Anderson mentioned how when Hulk Hogan had that one heel turn when he was revealed to be a part of nWo, the entire world of wrestling changed. He compared this to Roman Reigns turning heel when he finally returns to the company.

"These guys that were bigger than life, when they had that one turn — when Hogan had that one NWO turn, it was massive."

Arn Anderson talked about what it would be like if Roman Reigns came back turned heel immediately from the very first day. He mentioned that Roman could use the criticism surrounding his hiatus from WWE as fuel for the heel turn and that it could get him a lot of heat instantaneously. 

"Roman has been out now for a while with this pandemic. The guy is taking care of his family and his priorities, and that's his number one deal. What if when Roman came back, because you know he's had a ground-swell of people who support his decision — what if when he came back and day one was his first heel turn. He's been a babyface all this time and that was his first heel turn with the caveat that 'How dare you try to second guess me when my family is concerned. And try to tell me where I should be and when I should wrestle, and when it's safe and when it's not. P**s on all of you.' You think you might have some heat?"

Whether the heel turn will actually happen or not remains to be seen, but if it happens it could easily be one of the most popular segments on WWE TV. 

Published 30 Jun 2020, 22:11 IST
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