Arn Anderson on why Vince McMahon never utilized The Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen were one of the greatest wrestling stables of all-time
The Four Horsemen were one of the greatest wrestling stables of all-time
Nithin Joseph
Modified 22 Nov 2020

Arn Anderson revealed that Vince McMahon would have never utilized The Four Horsemen, even if all the members of the legendary faction had joined the WWE at the same time. Arn Anderson gave his thoughts on his Ask Arn Anything episode on

Arn Anderson was one of the original members of The Four Horsemen, along with his fictional brother Ole Anderson, Tully Blanchard, and The Nature Boy Ric Flair. The Enforcer, Blanchard, J.J Dillon, and Ric Flair all joined WWE back in 1988 - 1989. However, Arn Anderson was sure that Vince McMahon would never use the stable to its full potential.

"Never. He would have never used us in our entirety. It wasn’t his creation. He always liked to bring guys in that hadn’t been used at all somewhere else but had talent and put a different coat of paint on them and make them someone else and give them a character so they were now his creation. If you went totally with that flow, you would be ok because then you became a WWE guy." H/t Wrestling News

Arn Anderson claims Vince McMahon never used The Four Horsemen because he could never take credit

It is obvious to anyone, that introducing a faction like The Four Horsemen into any promotion, even today would be extremely beneficial. Arn Anderson himself was sure that The Four Horsemen would have had a huge impact on WWE. However, Arn Anderson claims that it was McMahon's inability to take credit for the idea of The Four Horsemen that prevented him from using the group.

"We could never, if we walked in that door with that gimmick in its entirety, I mean the heat would have been incredible in the locker room, but once the houses would jump as I knew they would, he would never have used us the way we should be used because he couldn’t take credit for creating us. He would have never pushed us the way we should have been pushed. It’s just one of those things he never would have agreed to do in a thousand years." H/t Wrestling News

It is a shame that Vince McMahon never chose to introduce The Four Horsemen when they were all working together with WWE back in 1989. However, it seems like the boss couldn't bear to use something that he didn't come up with on his own. As a result, the company lost Arn Anderson and his group, who would have undoubtedly lit up WWE.

Published 22 Nov 2020
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