Backstage reason why Aleister Black's push on RAW is reportedly going to end soon

Aleister Black certainly deserves better
Aleister Black certainly deserves better
Shruti Sadbhav

Earlier this week, WWE RAW Superstar Aleister Black locked horns with Seth Rollins in a Single's Match. Rollins ended up winning the match, but he felt that it was not enough. After the match ended, both Rollins and Murphy went back inside the ring and brutalised Black after the opening match of RAW.

Since Rollins had focused on Black's arm during their match, he continued to attack him on his shoulder during the post-match beatdown. In the end, Black was left with an injured arm inside the ring, which might stop him from competing in matches for a while in kayfabe.

Aleister Black had a long undefeated streak on RAW, but recently, he hasn't been booked nearly as strong as before. It is being speculated that his push might now suffer after Paul Heyman's exit from RAW.

Reason why Aleister Black's push can end on WWE RAW

While discussing the topic on Sportskeeda's Dropkick DiSKussions, Tom Colohue revealed backstage details surrounding Aleister Black. According to him, Vince McMahon is not so sure about Aleister Black's ability to carry a show. He enjoyed a good run while Heyman was in charge of the creative but could soon lose his top spot on RAW roster if he is booked in a similar fashion.

"It was definitely a big defeat to take even though it was like to a big name like Seth Rollins. He was slightly protected because of the interference from Buddy Murphy. Things have really changed in the last couple of weeks for Aleister Black. Now Paul Heyman definitely loved him and Aleister Black was really the headline of the show for him. Every week, he would be having a half an hour match in the opening minutes."

"To my knowledge, it is Vince McMahon who has mixed opinions shall we say. Vince added that creek to the entrance when he leverages up and now he has removed the entrance all together. We haven't seen the Aleister Black entrance in a long time. To put it bluntly, Vince thinks that there's something missing about Aleister Black. It's similar to how he feels about Cesaro. Keep an eye on this one because we all know how that went. "

While Aleister Black has delivered great matches against Seth Rollins, his initial rivalry was with Buddy Murphy. The two Superstars have proved their mettle inside the ring and can do wonders if booked to face each other once again. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Aleister Black on RAW.

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