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Backstage update on Andrade's future following WWE release - Reports

Modified 22 Mar 2021

Andrade was granted his release by WWE last night. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer discussed which promotion the former NXT Champion could sign with next.

Reports surfaced a short while ago that the Mexican star had asked for his release on the March 8th episode of RAW. Andrade later confirmed the reports. WWE initially denied the request but ended up releasing him last night.

On the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed Andrade being granted his release by WWE. Meltzer also took a look at what could be the next step in El Idolo's career and which promotion he could join next.

"Andrade has got places to go. He can go literally anywhere, I think but it's like, what is there? He can go to CMLL and be the top guy but CMLL is not really running anything. There's probably no money there, you know, everybody over there is working other jobs right now trying to make ends meet. He could go to New Japan. Takaaki Kidani loves him. So he could go back to New Japan. Again, it's one of those things like what's their budget like."

Could Andrade sign with AEW?

Dave Meltzer also discussed if Andrade could sign with AEW. Meltzer said that AEW already has more wrestlers signed than they can find television time for at times. However, he added that in an ideal world, he could see them signing Andrade and Thea Trinidad [fka Zelina Vega].

"And then there's AEW and I don't know what the situation there is. They've been hiring so many guys. There's got to be a limit on how many guys they can hire. I mean, in a perfect world do you bring him in with Thea Trinidad? Absolutely. They were a great act in NXT. They could have been a great act in WWE if they were allowed to be. You're kind of getting a polished and very good act handed to you and that rarely happens but there are so many good wrestlers in this business right now and AEW can't sign everyone. They already have too many people for the amount of television they have. I presume he's on a 90-day non-compete so that's mid-June. By mid-June, everything's going to be different anyway."

You can listen to Wrestling Observer Radio HERE.

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Published 22 Mar 2021, 17:17 IST
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