"You have no idea how tough that discussion is" - Batista reaffirms his stance on returning to the ring

Batista isn't planning on returning to the WWE ring.
Batista isn't planning on returning to the WWE ring.
Alex Turk

Batista has shot down suggestions he could return to the ring in a recent appearance at Justice Con.

The former WWE Champion faced Triple H in a hard-hitting affair at WrestleMania 35. After losing to The Game, Batista took to Twitter to announce his retirement from in-ring competition.

Speaking at Justice Con, Batista clarified that he doesn't intend to return to the ring. After stating that he had received his second COVID-19 vaccination, the host joked The Animal would soon be delivering some Batista Bombs.

Batista responded:

"Don't put that out there, people will jump all over that [laughs]. 'He's coming out of retirement!' No, I'm not. It's so hard to convince people that I'm actually retired. You have no idea how tough that discussion is. When a professional wrestler retires, they don't really retire, they kind of retire. If the paycheck or event is big enough, they'll come out of retirement. It's just not that way with me. I exited the business in such a storybook way, I could never go back. I'm just done. I got to finish on my own terms and nothing is going to bring me back and take away from that." (H/T: Jeremy Lambert of

It certainly sounds like Batista is completely done performing for WWE or any other promotion. Hopefully, he will soon be honored for his contributions to the wrestling industry in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Batista's WWE Hall of Fame induction has been postponed

Batista should already have had his place among WWE legends in the Hall of Fame. He was scheduled to be inducted into the class of 2020; however, the ceremony was delayed for a year after the emergence of COVID-19.

The Animal didn't take part in this year's ceremony either, though, as his induction was postponed. It's believed that WWE wants to give him the chance of being inducted in front of fans.

Batista could be inducted into the class of 2022 in Dallas or, more likely, in Los Angeles in 2023. Considering his rise to prominence as an actor in recent years, the latter would perhaps make much more sense.

Are you happy with the way Batista went out at WrestleMania 35? When do you think The Animal will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame? Sound off in the comments.

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