Becky Lynch claims 26-year-old rookie will be a "huge star" in WWE; they have one thing in common!

Becky Lynch is an inspiration for up-and-coming female wrestlers in the world.
Becky Lynch is an inspiration for up-and-coming female wrestlers in the world.

Becky Lynch's meteoric rise in recent years has enhanced Ireland's reputation for producing top-tier talents. While WWE boasts of some fine Irish wrestlers, Lynch backed NXT star Lyra Valkyria to be a major star in the future.

Lyra Valkyria, who also hails from Ireland, signed with WWE in 2020 and has gradually risen through the ranks, most recently advancing in the tournament to crown a new NXT Women's Champion. The 26-year-old trained at Ireland's Fight Factory Pro Wrestling, where Lynch wrestled during the early years of her career.

Valkyria is a promising talent from the developmental roster, and Becky Lynch was confident that her fellow Irish superstar would be successful at the highest level in WWE.

Big Time Becks made the comments while talking about how professional wrestling has grown tremendously in her home country and credited the legendary Fit Finlay for starting the legacy. Lynch was proud to have at least five well-known Irish superstars currently competing in WWE and had high hopes for Valkyria. Here's what Becky said on the My Love Letter to Wrestling podcast:

"This all started 21 years ago, and to have at least five major stars in WWE that all came from that little Irish scene. We've got Sheamus, we've got Finn, we've got Jordan, and now we've got Lyra Valkyria, who is just phenomenal and is going to be a huge star in the future. So, coming from the grassroots from where it started, knowing what it looked like on day one, I don't know if anybody would have predicted it." [10:53 to 11:25]

Becky Lynch recalls talking to aspiring Irish pro wrestlers before her WWE rise

Fans sometimes forget that Becky Lynch has been wrestling since 2002 as she worked around the world and paid her dues before getting a big opportunity in WWE.

The pro wrestling landscape in Ireland was completely different back in the day, as Becky Lynch revealed, as most wrestlers preferred coming to the United States rather than honing their skills in their homeland.

Becky Lynch admitted that the wrestlers who stuck around despite the inadequate resources did well in their careers. The former women's champion continued:

"I remember talking to a lot of people at the time, who wanted to be wrestlers, but they were like, 'Oh, no, I'm not going to go to one in Ireland; I'm going to go off to America.' But the little place in Ireland churned out some stars, and I don't know if the people that were waiting, they were always waiting there, I'm going to do this, and then it will be good. It was the people that just got in, started when there was no wrestling ring, and did really well."

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