Becky Lynch wouldn't have been a major WWE star, feels ex-writer; discusses moment that shaped her career (Exclusive)

Becky Lynch is a former Women
Becky Lynch is a former Women's World Champion

Former WWE head writer Vince Russo recently spoke about Becky Lynch's rise to the top of the company. The star's contract is due for a renewal and she hasn't renewed her deal yet.

Lynch was the Women's World Champion leading into King and Queen of the Ring. But, Liv Morgan defeated her at the premium live event, albeit with some help from Dominik Mysterio. Morgan also emerged victorious in a Steel Cage match on the latest episode of RAW. Since then speculation has been rife about The Man's future in the company.

On the latest episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling's Legion of RAW, Russo spoke about how Lynch became an indispensable part of the women's roster. He claimed that the moment Nia Jax busted her open in the leadup to Survivor Series 2018 propelled The Man into superstardom.

The former writer, however, questioned whether if that moment never happened, would Becky Lynch have been as big of a star as she is today.

"Bro, we gotta be honest. Listen, Becky always worked her ar*e off, never phoned it in. But we gotta be honest. When Nia Jax caught Becky in the face and she cut that promo with the bloody nose, if that never happened, I just think that Becky Lynch would have been just another female wrestler on the card. That made her, and to her credit bro, she was able to take that one incident and really parley it into a career. I give her credit for that bro. I really, really, really do. But you gotta ask yourself if that never happened would she have just been another female wrestler on the card?" [From 5:44 onwards]

This week on RAW, The Man was in a Steel Cage match against Liv Morgan for the Women's World Championship. She lost the match once again due to Dominik interfering in the proceedings.

It will be interesting to see if Becky Lynch re-signs with WWE or takes some time off from professional wrestling.

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