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WWE News: Becky Lynch posts update from the hospital

The Irish Lass kicker posts an update from her hospital bed.

Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch

It was reported yesterday that Becky Lynch would not be competing at No Mercy due to an undisclosed injury. Hours before No Mercy, it was confirmed by WWE themselves. In the Pre-show, Smackdown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon and General Manager Daniel Bryan broke the news to Alexa Bliss, who Becky was scheduled to face.

However, due to the injury, Alexa was told that a match for the Smackdown Women’s Championship was rescheduled to the November 8th episode of Smackdown Live in Glasglow, Scotland. Alexa did not get the night off, though, as she was scheduled to face a mystery opponent.

As predicted, the only remaining female babyface on the Smackdown Live roster was Naomi, who ended up defeating the Number One Contender for the Smackdown Women’s Championship as well. A couple of hours ago, an hour into the No Mercy PPV, The Lass Kicker posted an update on twitter from the hospital.

The injury that Becky Lynch obtained is still undisclosed as of this moment, but it is very likely that the information will come out in the coming days. As mentioned, there will be a championship match on November 8th.

On Talking Smack, Daniel Bryan considered adding Naomi to the match and making it a triple threat after she had defeated Alexa Bliss, but there was no confirmation. It seems likely that this will lead to a rematch on the coming Smackdown Live! between Alexa and Naomi, and Alexa might win the match in order to regain that sense of credibility. 

Becky Lynch is out for the next 29 days. Many believed that Becky Lynch would either vacate the Championship or would drop it to Alexa Bliss if she performed, similar to how Sasha Banks dropped the Women’s Championship to Charlotte at Summerslam in order to take time off and recover from nagging injuries.

However, WWE decided to keep the title on The Lass Kicker, which seems to be an indicator that they still have a lot of long-term plans for her and the Smackdown Live Women’s division as a whole. It could perhaps be due to the fact that the blue brand’s female roster is so thin that changing the plans for them would be a huge hassle. 

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