"It was challenging for me" - Beth Phoenix reveals difficulties in remote commentary for NXT [Exclusive]

Beth Phoenix (Credit: WWE)
Beth Phoenix (Credit: WWE)

Beth Phoenix has opened up on the difficulties surrounding her commentating on NXT live shows remotely.

In an exclusive interview with SK Wrestling's Rick Ucchino, The Glamazon went into detail on the processes behind providing commentary for NXT away from ringside. She also praised WWE for their hard work and willingness to allow her to work in a safe environment:

"First of all, it took a team of people. From the tech side, production, the other broadcasters. Not to mention everybody bending over backwards to keep myself and my family safe. My mom has some extreme heart issues. So me being able to work remotely truly kept my family safe, and Adam had just gotten hurt, so he was rehabbing. It was just a really difficult time, as it was for everybody, for my family over the summer and into the fall. So for WWE to give me the opportunity to work remotely, I am so grateful for that."

Beth Phoenix returned to the Capitol Wrestling Center in January

After commentating live NXT action remotely for several months, Phoenix returned to ringside on the January 21st edition of the Black and Gold brand.

During her interview with Rick Ucchino, Beth Phoenix explained that working remotely caused her some anxiety, but she has tried to thank countless people for their efforts during what must have been such an unusual time for the Hall of Famer:

"That being said, it was challenging for me, but not nearly as challenging as it was for those at the desk who were trying to navigate. You know the wifi bar on your phone? How that can impose anxiety? Imagine that during a live TakeOver… So it took a whole team of people to make that happen. Really, being at the forefront of technology for that. I can't send out enough thank-you’s for that and I’ve tried to tell everybody personally. But I’m going to send one more giant thank you for everybody that worked hard so I could do that remotely at home."

Beth Phoenix can be found live on commentary every Wednesday on NXT.

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