Bianca Belair reveals why she wants to go back to WWE NXT

Bianca Belair is the current RAW Women's Champion
Bianca Belair is the current RAW Women's Champion

WWE RAW Women's Champion Bianca Belair has revealed why she wants to return to NXT.

Belair began her wrestling career on the developmental brand, starting back in 2016 and serving NXT for 4 years. Despite frequently appearing on the brand, Belair never won the NXT gold. Now that she is one of the top stars on the main roster, it is safe to say that the black and gold brand was the foundation for her journey to success.

In an interview with Lucas Charpiot of VL Media, she explained that she wants to wrestle the future generation of stars on NXT. She also gave credit to the brand for shaping her up as a professional wrestler.

"I have never won the NXT Women's Championship. It was quite a complicated thing to do at the time. I saw that Natalya was currently there. Natalya is a legend in this medium. It's great to see her wrestle in NXT 2.0 with these young wrestlers. This isn't the first time she's wrestled in NXT. As far as I'm concerned, NXT is where I learned it all. I didn't know anything about wrestling when I arrived. I started at 27 years old with no experience in the ring. NXT is my home. "

Bianca Belair further went on to name a few performers she follows on NXT.

"It would be nice to be able to come back there to face these young wrestlers. I've always loved Io (Shirai) and had the chance to wrestle her when I was in NXT. I’m seeing Amari (Miller). I love her to death. She’s so passionate. I don't know if I've ever met someone with as much passion as her. I also really appreciate the rivalry between Nikkita Lyons and Lash Legend, they have a cool and fresh thing going on," said Belair. (H/T - Fightful)
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Bianca Belair says she learnt the art of storytelling from Becky Lynch

Current RAW Women's Champion Bianca Belair has heaped praise on Becky Lynch, saying that she has learned a lot from her.

Belair and Lynch's rivalry over the past few years has been nothing short of extraordinary. Despite being rivals inside the ring, the champion has credited Big Time Becks for teaching her the art of storytelling.

"I learned a lot from her in the ring, but also outside the ring. She is a huge advocate for women’s wrestling so that it stays at the top of the map. I’m grateful to have had the chance, not only to face her, but also to have been able to tell this long story that concluded at WrestleMania."

The two stars are far from done with each other as they, along with Asuka, will battle it out in a triple-threat match at WWE Hell in a Cell.

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