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Big mistake pointed out from RAW segment between Goldberg and Drew McIntyre (Exclusive)

Goldberg and Drew McIntyre on RAW.
Goldberg and Drew McIntyre on RAW.
Modified 05 Jan 2021, 12:46 IST

The Legends Night episode of RAW ended with Goldberg returning to RAW to challenge Drew McIntyre for a WWE Championship match at Royal Rumble.

Goldberg's unexpected return hasn't gone down too well with many fans as the storyline that unfolded during the closing moments on RAW felt forced and was devoid of a logical idea. Vince Russo highlighted this perfectly on the latest edition of the Legion of RAW show with Dr. Chis Featherstone.

Vince Russo explained the undefined heel and babyface dynamic of a feud between Goldberg and Drew McIntyre, and that he was unsure about who to like or dislike.

Goldberg claimed during his promo that Drew McIntyre disrespected the WWE Legends. However, the glaring mistake here is that there was no evidence of Drew McIntyre throwing shade at any legendary figure who was present on RAW.

"Here comes Goldberg. And again, Goldberg is the new go-to guy, then Chris, I'm watching this, and I'm like, I hate to say this again, and I want to clarify myself again. It's not like who the babyface and who is the heel, but it's like, who am I supposed to like and dislike in his exchange. Goldberg is accusing Drew of disrespecting the legends. Did I miss that part of the show? All of a sudden, Drew is disrespecting the legends, and then Drew disrespects Goldberg."

Russo went on to add that WWE has not done a convincing job of making us care enough about Drew McIntyre in the first place, which further affects the big royal Rumble program.

"Here is the problem, how are we supposed to care about Goldberg and Drew McIntyre when you haven't made us care about Drew McIntyre? You've done nothing to make us care about this guy. Now we are going to care about this match?"

Dr. Chris Featherstone also added that WWE had not even done much to protect Goldberg as the former WCW Champion's last two matches have been entirely forgettable.


We've been here, over, and over, and over again: Vince Russo critical about Goldberg being WWE's go-to guy

Goldberg challenged Drew McIntyre to a Royal Rumble match.
Goldberg challenged Drew McIntyre to a Royal Rumble match.

Russo continued that the fans who might have watched tonight's show would have been annoyed with WWE's insistence about reaching out to the same well. Goldberg has become WWE's go-to guy, and that would have put off several fans.

"And now, people are watching this show tonight. I've got nothing against Goldberg, but bro, you've got to be watching this and saying. Alright, bro, how many times are we going to that well. I mean, guys, come on. We've done this. We've been here, over and over and over again. And bro, I guarantee you many people walked away from the show saying, 'how many times are we going to go to the same well?"

What are your thoughts about WWE's decision to kickstart the Goldberg-Drew McIntyre angle for Royal Rumble?

If any quotes are used from this article, please credit Legion of RAW with Dr. Chris Featherstone & Vince Russo and add a H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling.

Published 05 Jan 2021, 12:46 IST
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