"He is the modern-day Ric Flair" - Booker T on top AEW star

Ric Flair
Ric Flair

Booker T believes AEW star MJF is the closest thing to Flair in recent times and called him the "modern-day Ric Flair."

Ric Flair is one of the greats of the pro wrestling business and there are very few that could do what he did, especially on the microphone. While discussing the future of Ric Flair on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T drew parallels between The Nature Boy and AEW star MJF.

A fan stated that Flair and MJF could team up for a feud with Sting and Darby Allin in AEW. The WWE legend claimed that MJF is like a "modern-day Ric Flair."

"That right there (Flair and MJF teaming up) is pretty good because MJF, he is the modern-day Ric Flair. He really is. Sting-Darby Allin - how much of a parallel are those two? It's like looking in the mirror. So, c'mon, tell me that doesn't work? Just think about it, for one second, MJF and Ric Flair both donning the gold robes," said Booker T.


Booker T said if Ric Flair wanted to wrestle one more time, he would want AEW to give The Nature Boy the opportunity to do so.

MJF studies the work of Ric Flair and other pro wrestling legends

MJF has been one of the best on the microphone in pro wrestling in recent years, and he has, it seems, put a lot of work into his promos. He revealed in an interview that he studies the work of several pro wrestling icons, like Ric Flair.

“Well, I’ve said Roddy Piper a billion times. Ric Flair. Tully Blanchard. It’s unfortunate that me and him had to have a spat back in the day, but I think if me and him talked it out, it’d be fine. I mean, the list honestly goes on and on," said MJF.

The AEW star watches and studies promos from the past from promotions like AWA, Smoky Mountain Wrestling and Mid-South Wrestling, to name a few.

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