"Do not let the haters get in your head" - Booker T sends a message to WWE star who was recently criticized by fans

Booker T wants a SmackDown star to not let the haters distract her
Booker T wants a SmackDown star to not let the haters distract her

WWE legend Booker T has backed Shotzi and come to the defense of the SmackDown star after she made a few mistakes in the Women's Money in the Bank match.

Shotzi was among seven WWE Superstars to take part in the Women's Ladder match at Money in the Bank match on Saturday. She made a few mistakes in the match for which fans criticized her on social media and even called for her to be fired from the company. After the criticism, she deleted her Twitter account.

Booker T provided encouragement to Shotzi on his Hall of Fame show, advising her to learn from her mistakes, which he feels is a part of the pro wrestling business. He also advised her not to listen to her critics, especially on social media.

"My advice to Shotzi is, 'You get right back up on that horse, you cannot let the internet world distract you from going out there and being you.' Mistakes are something that have always made, I think - we've talked about me forgetting spots. That's just part of the business. For me, I would tell Shotzi, 'Do not let the haters get in your head because of the wrestling business is all about mistakes and hopefully learning from them,'" said Booker T. [From 30:53 to 31:29]


Unlike Hollywood, the Hall of Famer feels that pro wrestling doesn't offer you a chance to rectify your mistakes.

Shotzi Blackheart appears to have deleted her Twitter account following criticism from fans regarding her #MITB performance

WWE star Shotzi's comments after Money in the Bank

Shotzi with a message of her being fine via her IG stories.

Shotzi explained that she was not pleased about the "terrible things" that fans were saying about her on the social media platform after WWE's Money in the Bank.

She stated that she doesn't mind fans making jokes about her botches, but was not happy that they were asking her to get fired.

Later on Instagram, the SmackDown star stated that that she's had a tough time personally and wants to focus on herself rather than what's being said about her on social media.

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