Booker T won't be surprised to see "unique" 3-time champion return to WWE in 12 months

The six-time World Champion praised a now-ex WWE star!
The six-time World Champion praised a now-ex WWE star!
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Rohit Nath

Booker T knows the reality of the wrestling business and how things are in WWE. In the case of WWE, superstars are constantly going in and out. However, some have a greater impact than most. The WWE Hall of Famer praised a three-time champion, who recently left the company, as unique. Booker said he wouldn't be surprised to see a quick return.

The three-time champion in question is Paige: the first-ever NXT Women's Champion and a two-time Divas Champion. Her career was cut short in 2018 due to a devastating injury. WWE kept her under contract until July 2022. Paige recently announced that her tenure with WWE is over.

Despite having left WWE, Booker praised Paige on the Reality Of Wrestling podcast, saying she's a unique star who'll have plenty of opportunities outside WWE. Booker added that he wouldn't be surprised to see her return to WWE:

"She had a hell of a run as Paige. I thought that gimmick was over. I think being out there right now, she'll still be able to do her thing and perhaps I wouldn't be surprised if we saw Paige back in WWE if circumstances work out for her getting back in the ring and proving that she can still do this thing from a safe perspective. I hated it when Paige had to be sidelined because she was different and so unique – and you don't find that every day in this business. For me, seeing Paige leave WWE will open up more doors for her, and like I said, I'm not going to be surprised if I see her back in the WWE within the next 12 months." (from 55:00 to 56:16)

Booker feels AEW would be a good fit for her, barring hardcore matches:

"I wouldn't be surprised at all [if Paige goes to AEW]. AEW might be a good fit for her from a perspective. I don't think hardcore and Blood & Guts matches are going to fit her style of working or anything like that, but it's a paycheck to go and pick up – and that's what it's all about, cheques and championships – and one thing is better than the other." (from 56:25 to 57:14)

You can watch the full episode of The Reality of Wrestling below:


Is Booker T right about Paige's potential return to WWE?

Booker T will only be right if Paige is medically cleared to compete in the ring. Paige hasn't hidden her intention to return; it has been over four years since she last wrestled.

That’s a wrap @WWE see ya again some time! Thanks everyone for the support before, during and now after! Let’s see what the future holds! And thanks @PlayersTribune for this awesome goodbye letter -…

Given the success stories of Edge (who returned after nearly nine years) and Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson (who returned after two years), Paige will look to follow suit. It depends on whether she gets medical clearance or not.

If it's safe for her to wrestle, a WWE return is possible.

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