Booker T says WWE legend could take up The Undertaker's role in the company

The Undertaker wrestled at high-profile events in the last few years of his career
The Undertaker wrestled at high-profile events in the last few years of his career

Booker T thinks Stone Cold Steve Austin may still have a lot to offer and could take up the role of The Undertaker, who had matches at big events over the last few years.

Steve Austin returned to the WWE ring for the first time in 19 years at WrestleMania 38, where he faced Kevin Owens in a singles match. The match headlined night 1 of The Show of Shows and The Texas Rattlesnake won, in a hard-fought match.

On the latest Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T opened up about the possibility of Stone Cold Steve Austin returning to the ring once again, and possibly taking The Undertaker's role as a big-name draw for stadium shows:

"I wouldn't say he's a WrestleMania guy or anything like that. Star power is everything. Saudi Arabia, to have Stone Cold Steve Austin on that card - boom, I'm sure the people over there would love it. To see Austin in Cardiff, Wales, that would be awesome because those guys out there haven't seen him in such a long time. To see Stone Cold Steve Austin live, up close and in person, that would just be a moment for those guys, just to see Steve Austin - forget about him in the ring." [16:10 to 16: 40]

He continued:

"I see Steve as maybe the new Undertaker. The guy that shows up, pop the crowd, give the crowd that moment that they're going to remember for the rest of their lives - and, me personally, that's a damn good position to be in," said the Hall of Famer. [16:55 to 17:11]

Booker T feels that Austin is the last of the icons from yesteryear who can have the impact that The Undertaker had during his on-screen appearances.

Steve Austin is open to returning to WWE next year

On this day in 1998, Stone Cold Steve Austin faced off against Vince McMahon in the Monday Night Raw main event.WWF won the ratings war on this evening.

In a recent interview, the WWE Hall of Famer said that he's likely done wrestling in the ring, but is open to making an appearance at WrestleMania next year.

"I’m sure I’m done wrestling per se, but as a part of WWE, I can’t imagine I would not be there in some capacity and I’m not booking myself on the show because I didn’t book myself on 38. That’s a Vince [McMahon] thing and I have a great relationship with him and if I get the call, I’ll be there."

Next year's WrestleMania takes place in Hollywood, and will once again be a two-night event. While Austin doesn't expect to wrestle at next year's show, there is speculation that WWE is doing everything possible to bring back his rival The Rock to take on Roman Reigns.

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