Brandi Rhodes reveals the future of the new AEW Heels platform

Brandi Rhodes
Brandi Rhodes

Brandi Rhodes recently announced the creation of a new membership platform for female wrestling fans, known as AEW Heels. When the platform was introduced, it was described as having a $49 annual membership fee. The membership description also stated that this would allow the members to have virtual meet-and-greets, video conferences with industry experts, as well as Q&A sessions with AEW wrestlers. It also included things like customized merchandise and more. Now, Brandi Rhodes has taken the time to talk about the future of AEW Heels and the plans that they have in place for the platform currently.

Brandi Rhodes on the new AEW Heels platform

After Brandi Rhodes made the initial announcement about AEW Heels, she was criticized a lot and was even racially abused. As a result, she deleted her social media account on Twitter and focused on the launch of the platform instead.

Talking about the future of the platform, Brandi Rhodes revealed that she was hoping that when things got back to normal they would be able to have a 'get together party' for the AEW Heels platform that would take place around a pay-per-view event that happens once a week.

"When we're able to get back to business as usual, which I am so hopeful it happens sooner than later, I am very excited to get together and do a very big, first Heels everybody-get-together type of party. [It would] just be something that would revolve around something like a pay-per-view that happens on a weekend, so that hopefully as many people can make it as possible."
"Not unlike a lot of things that we have done with Starrcast events in the past, I would like to do a lot of things that are Heels specific," she continued. "So, Heels specific meet-and-greets, VIP events, like I said, gatherings and parties. We can have all different types of themes, and there are various fun aspects to that. I also would love to do a Heels episode of Shot Of Brandi that we can shoot, and I'll be a part of it and will have key individuals work with me on things."

The AEW Heels platform is still new and it will be interesting to see how the company grows it.

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