Braun Strowman sends a three-word message aimed at Judgment Day member

Braun Strowman (left) and The Judgment Day (right)
Braun Strowman (left) and The Judgment Day (right) [Photos courtesy of]

On the latest edition of WWE RAW, Braun Strowman competed in his first televised match since returning to the company. Taking to Twitter/X, he sent a three-word message.

Strowman is a former WWE Universal Champion. He has also held the RAW Tag Team Championships and the Intercontinental Championship. Before his latest return, The Monster of All Monsters was in a tag team with Ricochet.

On Night 2 of the Draft, Strowman returned and saved Jey Uso from The Judgment Day and Logan Paul. This marked the beginning of his feud with the faction, as he was warned backstage by JD McDonagh.

Following his victory over McDonagh on RAW, Strowman sent a three-word message:

"Get these hands!!!!" wrote Strowman.

Check out Strowman's tweet:

Braun Strowman opened up about winning the WWE Universal Championship

At WrestleMania 36, Braun Strowman won the WWE Universal Championship dethroning Goldberg.

Speaking won INSIGHT, The Monster of All Monsters opened up about one of the most important victories of his career, claiming that winning the Universal Title meant the world to him. Strowman said:

“It meant the world because I like I said, as a kid growing up idolising him [Goldberg] to becoming friends with him you know, unfortunate circumstances with everything going on with the pandemic and what happened, he wanted me. So he picked me to do that and do the honours and pass that torch. [Did he reach out to you to tell you that?] Not initially they reached out but when we got there was a whole thing. He goes to me he’s like, look let me not paraphrase it wrong. He said I can count on one hand how many people that I would do this for and I still have three fingers left.”

Strowman is currently feuding with The Judgment Day, with whom he is expected to continue the feud in the coming weeks.