Bray Wyatt's secret talent revealed

Bray Wyatt (left); The Fiend's mask (right)
Bray Wyatt (left); The Fiend's mask (right)

Bray Wyatt's creative mind is undoubtedly a major asset for WWE. Since 2019, the Firefly Fun House and The Fiend have become integral parts of his on-screen persona. Now, it turns out, Wyatt's creativity isn't just limited to WWE, as he excels at an interesting hobby outside the squared circle.

Special makeup artist Jason Baker has added some impressive production value to the WWE Superstar's latest stint. During a recent interview with Adam Barnard of Foundation Radio, he revealed that Bray Wyatt is an "amazing painter," something that not many people know about.


Interestingly, a Firefly Fun House episode in 2019 focused on a painting of the Wyatt Family Compound burning down. Jason Baker revealed a few behind-the-scenes details about that painting and who actually created it.

"I think it was the second episode of the Firefly Fun House and Bray is like, painting. I was the one who was like, 'The painting should be a reference. It should be an easter egg.' So my wife actually made the painting for us." Jason Baker added, "I was like, 'Honey, go find this video where Randy Orton burnt down the compound.' There is a great shot where it's [the compound] burning and he's doing the pose. I'm like, 'We should do that.' So she went and did the painting for us."

"SPOILER ALERT: Bray didn't actually paint that. Which is funny because Bray could have painted it." Baker continued, "Bray is an amazing, amazing painter that no one knows about."

Jason Baker added that Bray Wyatt has an interest in abstract paintings. This would explain why a lot of his WWE segments seem quite surreal to the average viewer.

Randy Orton and 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt fought each other at WrestleMania 37

The Fiend and Randy Orton at WrestleMania 37
The Fiend and Randy Orton at WrestleMania 37

Orton and Wyatt revisited their long-running feud in 2020, and The Fiend's inclusion added a new layer to the storyline.

At this year's WrestleMania event, many predicted that The Fiend would emerge victorious over Randy Orton in their one-on-one clash. However, Alexa Bliss' unexpected distraction cost Bray Wyatt's alter-ego the match — a booking decision that surprised WWE fans and critics alike.

After the post-WrestleMania episode of RAW, Wyatt disappeared from television and hasn't appeared on-screen since.

Do you think The Fiend's WrestleMania 37 defeat is all part of a long-term story? Or could Bray Wyatt move on to something else upon his eventual return? Sound off in the comments section below.

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