Bret Hart names former WWE Superstar as the greatest villain ever

Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart
Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart

Bret Hart recently reflected on his memorable WWE matches against Glenn Jacobs and Jerry Lawler.

Hart defeated Lawler in a Kiss My Foot Match at King of the Ring 1995. The storyline led to a SummerSlam 1995 encounter between The Hitman and Lawler's personal dentist, Isaac Yankem, DDS. Hart picked up the win against Yankem, who was played by Jacobs.

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All three men appeared on the latest episode of the WWE Network show Table For 3. Hart, the babyface in the feud, praised Lawler for portraying such a believable bad guy:

"It was red hot as soon as we went out there. So easy, it was like kindlewood. I never saw anyone, I'll say this, and I've said it before, that was as good a villain as you. You were a master," said Hart.
Two of the best punchers in pro wrestling. Bret Hart and Jerry Lawler.

Lawler considers his rivalry with Hart the greatest of his WWE career. The storyline also gave Jacobs an opportunity in the spotlight before he became known as Kane.

How Bret Hart approached his matches with Jerry Lawler

At the time, some of WWE's top babyfaces did not know whether they would receive cheers or boos when they appeared in front of crowds.

Bret Hart's sketch of Jerry Lawler from King Of The Ring 1995.

In Bret Hart's case, he never had to worry about polarizing reactions during his feud with WWE's ultimate villain:

"You were such a master heel," Hart told Lawler. "In those days, some of the real die-hard babyfaces were starting to get turned on by the fans. That ECW crowd was starting to kind of make it harder for the babyfaces. I remember it was right around that time that I was working with Jerry. Every night I was so over as a babyface. Nobody can out-heel Jerry."

In Lawler's opinion, The Road Warriors' popularity as heels may have caused fans to turn against traditional good guys in the 1990s. Hart was one of the few who still received positive crowd reactions everywhere he went.

Do you agree with Bret Hart? Who do you think is the greatest villain in wrestling history? Let us know in the comments section below.

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